FUEL is a high intensity full body workout blended with an introspective psychological approach to resilience training. Designed to reshape your Body, tune in with your Mind and connect you to your True Power. FUEL teaches you to use your own life challenges and experiences to build resilience, establish strong personal intentions to ignite physical and emotional change.

Each FUEL class fuses Pilates, functional training, isometric movements, and plyometrics with specific body alignment that favor an immediate connection with the Pre Frontal Cortex, the part of our brain responsible for creative thinking, attention, insights, calming emotions, planning and innovation. With each exercise participants learn to access the Prefrontal Cortex, refine their skills, move out of reactivity and into a mindful approach to challenge to produce most optimal outcomes. The side effects? You will sculpt lean muscle, build inner strength and take your overall fitness to a level you never thought possible.


Rachele Chafir

International Fitness Professional – Fuel Master Trainer

Rachele Chafir is a International Fitness Professional and Master Trainer specializing in hardcore workout for Mind & Body. Her instructional style is a direct reflection of her character-strong, intense and energetic, yet honest and supportive. With over fifteen years experience in dance, Pilates, Barre, HIIT and nutrition, Rachele has practiced and thought for some of the most exclusive boutique fitness brand in the United States and acquired over 20 advanced certifications. Determined to connect mindfulness with high intensity and to use the body as a pathway to breakdown boundaries and propel positive change, she created FUEL – The Body Resilience Method. Her goal was to incorporate a flawless high intensity workout practice with power of intention and to use existing life challenges as fuel to ignite athletic performance and personal growth.

FUEL EQUATIONIntensity + clear Intention + mindfulness = TRUE PERSONAL POWER

Dr. Alexa Altman

15 years Experience In Psychology & Resilience Training

Alexa has over 15 years experience in psychology and Resilience Training. After earning her doctorate with a emphasis in Health Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Alexa Altman furthered her education and completed Post Doctoral training in mind/body medicine.

In addition to an established private practice, Dr. Altman utilized her clinical skills as a transformational guide on the hit reality show, The Biggest Loser. Dr. Altman led participants through an intense psychological group experience, challenging limiting beliefs and maladaptive behaviors. Currently, Dr. Altman works at La Maida Institute, where she leads Resilience Trainings, workshops and retreats for corporations and individuals in the LA community. La Maida Institute is the leading preventive model of integrative community-based healthcare, and is pioneering a cultural shift from isolation and disconnection, to one which promotes conscious connection as the foundation for the health of the individual, family, and community.

However, the biggest influence on her clinical approach draws from her extensive training in mind/body interventions such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Biofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation.


FUEL YOUR COMPANY with innovative, results-oriented, doable wellness solutions. Learn to use powerful intentions and current challenges to fuel an intense movement experience and unleash your team’s true potential.

There are plenty of wellness programs promising to increase employees productivity by addressing general health concerns, building morale and lowering health costs. Our corporate approach is more specific: We want you to know how to activate the part of your brain responsible for creative thinking, attention, insights, planning and innovation so that your team can function at it’s full capacity. That’s right! We want you to be more productive and by doing so “the FUEL way” you will also be happier, healthier, more confident and in tune with people around you.
With FUEL corporate workshops your will learn practical tools to activate the prefrontal cortex. Your team will have the opportunity to understand the psychological and neurobiological elements of resilience and immediately integrate the learning into the body with cathartic movements and a flawlessly curated playlist. Did we mention you will get a killer workout as part of the deal while burning approximately 700 calories?

At Fuel we believe that corporate wellness should not be about escaping stressful environments or challenges presented in the workspace; it should be about creating the right state of mind to exceed in the midst of the challenge, and rise above the unpredictable with creativity, confidence and determination.

To respond to this need, we offer two effective and accessible corporate packages:

FUEL Workshop: Let us bring you FUEL to your office or corporate retreat of your choice with a 3 hours workshop that will get you focused and ready to practice resilience and exceed in your workspace.

FUEL Retreats: At FUEL we are expert at crafting unique collaborations and creating mind-blowing experiences that will impact, inspire, and motivate your community on the local and international scene. Please contact us to inquire about our local and international retreats. We specialize in creating custom wellness programming combining the benefits of fitness, nutrition, sleep management, stress- reducing techniques, creativity sparks and flow states to activate our mind and body and learn to function at our full creative capacity.


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